Longevity Movement Massage Therapy
Leah van Ooyen, Registered Massage Therapist
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Package Options
Early morning and daytime appointments available
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    Jazz it up
    Bored with your workouts? Maybe you need to Jazz it up! Custom program design with detailed instructions, exercise images, and workout tracking chart for tracking your progress 2 private sessions
  2. +

    Fit and Fabulous
    30 days to build habits and practice the skills you need to achieve your goals Private personal training sessions once per week (can add sessions per week) Comprehensive assessments to measure progress Education and coaching on healthy eating and lifestyle habits
  3. +

    Fit for Life
    Designed for a lifetime of fitness success Private personal training sessions once per week (can add session per week) Online coaching and support through our custom portal and app Goal setting and tracking Regular assessments
  4. +

    Custom Fit
    Create the package that fits your goals, budget and lifestyle. Train as often as you like Include online coaching and progress tracking to keep you on track between in-person sessions
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